9 Tips For Creating a Healthy Meal Plan (Part 2)

By | March 17, 2014

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As I mentioned the first part, creating a healthy meal plan is basically one of the most important steps everyone should take to have a right eating habit on a daily basis. This is the second part of the 2-part series of articles providing you with effective tips for creating a healthy meal plan.

9 Tips For Creating a Healthy Meal Plan (Part 2)

9 Tips For Creating a Healthy Meal Plan (Part 2)

I have provided for you totally 9 tips for creating a healthy meal plan, 5 tips were given in the first part and here are the remaining 4 tips. Hope you find them useful:

Tip #6 – Get More Healthy Fats & Exclude Unhealthy Ones:

Fats are not avoidable and unnecessary. Instead they should be included in a healthy meal plan since your heart, brain, skin, hair and nails need this nutritional compound so badly. The main point is getting healthy fats such as monounsaturated fats (found in olive oil, canola oil and peanut oil, avocados and nuts) and polyunsaturated fats such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 (found in fish and fish oil, sunflower seeds and walnuts).

You may also exclude unhealthy fats from your meal plan such as saturated fats (found in animal sources) and Trans fats (found in margarine, cookies and fried foods) and or at least minimize their consumption on a daily basis.

Tip #7 – Consume More Healthy Carbohydrates & Whole Grains:

Yes, there are healthy carbs and you should eat them more. Carbohydrate is one the most essential nutritional compounds that should be consumed for providing enough energy. Healthy carbohydrates include beans, fruits, vegetables and whole grains (whole wheat, barley, brown rice, and quinoa). These stuff contain fibers filling you for a longer period as well as providing important substances such as antioxidants.

You should also reduce the consumption of bad or unhealthy carbohydrates in your meal plan. Eating foods containing white rice, white flour and refined sugar should be minimized as much as possible as these stuff are low in fiber and healthy nutrients as well as digest quickly causing spikes in blood sugar level.

Tip #8 – Get Calcium Sufficiently:

Calcium is necessary for your body as it plays a major role in many functions such as building blocks for bones and teeth and participating in muscle contractions, nerve function, blood clotting and cell signaling. Therefore, its addition to a healthy meal plan in a sufficient amount is vital. Calcium can be found in many sources including dairy products (milk, cheese and yogurt), beans (black beans, white beans, pinto beans and black-eyed peas) and greens and vegetables (kale, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus and squash).

The Calcium Recommended Dietary Allowance is 1,000-1,300 mg/day. This amount is obviously different for infants and children.

Tip #9 – Minimize the Consumption of Salt and Sugar:

By eating more fruits and vegetables, lean meat, whole grain and healthy fats, you are already trying to minimize the consumption of salt and sugar. However, you may also reduce getting candies, cookies, cakes, desserts, soft drinks, frozen food, fast food, processed food, soy sauce, canned soups and ketchup. Instead you may try to eat more fruits and vegetables, add natural sweeteners to your foods and drink more water.

The above tips were the most important points to take into account when you are going to create your healthy meal plan. You can also read the fist part here:

9 Tips For Creating a Healthy Meal Plan (Part 1)

Do You Have Any Other Tips For Creating a Healthy Meal Plan?

Let us know if you have anything extra to add while creating a healthy meal plan! Also, share these articles with your family and friends and stay tuned for more cool stuff!

Good Luck!



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